Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year - Bonne année 2011

So, what are we all doing for the New Year celebration? I am booked for dinner tonight and then have been invited  out for a New Year breakfast tomorrow! Sounds good to me given it is going to be in the 40s. A lot of people are just staying home and some are just avoiding a celebration because they are Christmassed out. New Year has become less and less something to celebrate because of the ongoing catastrophes. We used to have a chance to celebrate a year. Not any more . We tramp from one disaster to the next and our hearts go out to those suffering but it means we are reluctant to celebrate because we know another lot of disaster is coming our way. We are not devoid of hope nor humanity. The opposite , in fact. So many of us have decided not to participate in a New Year which will cause harm to others and have chosen to be with our close friends and family. The number of destructive randoms out on a night like this has also meant we are sticking to ourselves. I am certain the New Year will be brought in with a lot of cheering and good will, we are just doing it differently.

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