Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Christmas Trail

The plan of bringing Christmas together slowly is working well. It is making it a real adventure and a pleasure. Everyday I am on the Christmas trail and it is not overwhelming and I have time to think and plan. Judging by the leisurely feel of the shops, I'd say everyone else is doing it that way too. Next week may be a different story, but maybe not. Maybe we are bringing back the spirit of Christmas and learning to enjoy all the preparations. I have baked the cake and can't believe how perfectly flat it turned out. The puddings are made and the little Noel cakes are ready. The Noel cakes are hugely popular so these days I have to make two batches. They are made without butter or fat and suit a lot of people well. Everyone loves them and I have had disappointed faces if they don't get one! That is good for my ego. As I write the pate is slowly cooking in the oven. This year it is chicken , mushroom and cranberry. I have been organising my presents and am really pleased with what I have got this year because I have taken the time to really consider how I am going to put each person's present together. I have basically gone for the multiple small and special..something nice to eat, something to pamper themselves with and something useful. Tomorrow will be the search for the last of the presents. I cannot wait. I have really enjoyed this and my home looks so Christmassy.

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