Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Senior Meteorologist Brett Gage said metropolitan Adelaide had experienced near-average temperatures but below-average rainfall.

A good reason not to abandon our water restrictions and be the word which is being used a lot - prudent. We need to continue to be prudent with our water usage. We also need to think now about preparing our homes and gardens for summer. It has been great to have the rain we have had , even though it was a bit of a blow having rain at the weekend and the temperatures dropping after such a lovely, sunny week. The people at Goolwa have water and our gardens are lovely and green. So we have had to mow and prune a lot more and we need a good plan for summer which includes saving water. Adelaide just looks lovely at the moment and we are all loving and appreciating the show of blossoms and flowers even though most of us now have hayfever!

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