Sunday, November 21, 2010

Holiday Spirit

The warmer weather and sunny days have put us in a much better frame of mind. and got us out and about. We are certain we want to be waterwise and continue with our water conservation. The lovely weather has turned our thoughts and time to gardening, barbecues and Christmas. Bunnings has been packed with  customers buying things for the garden the last 3 weeks and then today it was stuff for barbecues and even barbecues and outdoor settings themselves. We are determined to have nice outside eating areas! Last night would have seen a few people stoking up the barbie and getting icecream cakes and cheesecakes organised for guests. This is the stuff we love. We love being able to wander freely with the doors and windows open have a have a chance to enjoy our great outdoors. We need to be sun smart and we need to be reminded to be sun smart because we have been kept indoors for too long. So we are preparing for  Christmas too and we are already putting up some decorations. it's a lovely relaxed feeling this year. A real joy in celebration.This year I am going to put a few decorations up at a time and watch my home transform. I usually have a bit effort on one weekend morning or afternoon but this time I just feel like doing it bit by bit and it looks like that's the way the neighbours are doing it too. Makes sense and it's more fun. I got some more solar Christmas lights today. They are so cute and look really nice dotted about the garden. They create a really lovely effect.

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