Friday, October 08, 2010

Water Restrictions

"We are now in a position where we can get rid of the draconian water restrictions because of the diverse supplies we now have through stormwater, desal, waste water recycling and conservation, as well as the market price," she said.

The measures were not draconian. They were a stringent measure to stop people wasting water, to stop us from running out of water and to teach us we cannot just use water whenever we wish. We needed to have a chance to water every day because that is how we get our gardens through the heat. Using a sprinkler is a waste because people forget them. Always have. Washing your car with a hose is unnecessary. What is making us even angrier is the fact that irrigators are going to be asked to make big cuts and here we are allowed to do as we please. We have to remain water wise. We have to continue to put good water conservation practices into action. One winter of rain changes nothing. The desal plant isn't built and water prices are going to go up. So I don't find any of this makes sense. We should still be mindful of how we use our water. Perhaps if the government can't get it right, we can. There will be those who squander water. I shall feel for the irrigators. they are growing our food. Irrigation practices can always be improved but they should not be bearing the brunt of our unnecessary extra use of water. The restrictions need to continue to  be common sense.

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