Sunday, October 24, 2010

Glorious Weather in Adelaide

It's happened before. We thought spring was here and then it would go cold and wet and our lovely sky and sun were gone. Well, today was glorious again. Bit cold inside, so not like spring in that sense, but outside it was just great. It meant we all got out and washed the car, mowed the lawn (aka weeds) and then had time to relax or pop over to the shops. A lot of people have started gardening projects now the weather has shown some sign of changing. We have been cooped up for far too long and it has been far too cold for us. Some are sick. Some are suffering with hayfever because the blossoms are profuse and the grass is tall. The weeds are unbelievably healthy this year. Too much rain for them and then some sun. The wind has brought in plenty of weeds so many of us are cutting them down, digging them out or just doing our best to get the upper hand without damaging the air or soil because it is still a bit breezy. Learnt that when I tried to spray a monster big and fat and healthy!! Just as well I had thought to wear a mask. So Sunday in Adelaide has been just perfect and a good time to catch up with the neighbours . We've had to rug up and hide for months now. Everything looks so nice and fresh and the birds are really happy. I guess the northerlies will come and spoil our fun but in the meantime we are feel very productive.

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