Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Delhi 2010

I have been watching the Delhi games on my computer. The coverage from our media team is excellent and they have made a point of letting us know who these athletes are and where they come from. Many of them are new faces. The old guard has gone and new ones have stepped up to represent us and they are good. What is noticeable is they are all very positive and very optimistic. They are down to earth in their thoughts but you can see why they are doing well. They know how to think positively and realistically. They do not beat themselves up when things go wrong, they just look to what can be learned and make a plan for implementing those improvements as they move on. Don't know what happened to Nick Darcy. He looked so flat and depressed and as though he had given all he could give for now. He is probably just exhausted because he has done really well and he will get over it because he belongs to a great team.The guy interviewing him did everything he could to try and lighten him up and show some support but it just wasn't working . Sometimes they push themselves too hard for who they are. So the medals are coming in and we have a lot to be proud of. The TV shots are great and the sportsmanship even greater. The whole thing has a fantastic feel.

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