Saturday, October 16, 2010

Delhi 2010

I was enjoying the Commonwealth Games so much I stopped coming on the Net and sat and watched tele. Unheard of for me. Usually so much tripe on. My only disappointment was that a lot of the things I like were on at night when I was asleep so I could keep the economy going the next day. That said, the Delhi games were fantastic . Really enjoyed them. I was really impressed with the level of commitment from the athletes and the level of expertise. The standard was really high, which is why this is the first games I have watched a lot of the games for two weeks and really looked forward to seeing them. I watched everything! I even watched rugby. When people play really well even if you don't like the sport, you can appreciate the achievements and see how hard people work. The Sally Pearson saga was probably the toughest thing but it all worked out well and even though she collapsed in the relay, it was probably headed that way because it was such an gruelling week emotionally and, you know, there is only so much a girl who can fly like the wind can do and endure. I was so happy for her and me when she won the hurdle gold. The women's hockey was gripping and we all sat there shouting for our team because everyone knew about it at work and had been watching it. The netball match against NZ where they won the god in the end was equally and exciting cliff hanger. There was so much that was good...and the diving was a gracious, expertly executed sport  which calmed the nerves! Great diving. The venues looked to be fantastic and I kept sitting there thinking we nearly missed one of the best games in history. Why? Have we worked out what went wrong there and have we cleared the picture. The media did much to highlight things which needed fixing and they were fixed. Our own media team had a look at that beginning and analysed it quite well, but are we clear that we nearly sacrificed the fantastic achievements of those athletes who wouldn't have had a chance to shine? The world is apt to run into fear and it is very hard to keep a sane, stable look at things these days because the potential for disaster is always there. We have no balance. it was hard for us all to get through that first bit, but we need to clarify how that all happened. The media team was great. Just great. they kept me informed, interested and laughing the whole time.

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