Saturday, October 09, 2010

Delhi 2010

What a night! Some saw moths and others saw monkeys. Some said India was brilliant and hugely friendly and others thought it was shambolic. .. their words not mine.We are learning a lot about human nature as well as expert athleticism. Jeff Huegill just roared into his finish and the smile all over his face told the world it was worth dumping 40 odd kilos of body fat and reclaiming his life. What an inspiration. Sally Pearson tore our hearts out. I still don't understand that. The English runner broke, Sally broke , Sally won the race, Sally was disqualified. I don't get it but the rules are the rules and they deliberated for a long time , which was so damn hard on Sally. But she is young. She needs to know about these things. She has managed it all well and been to see the English team which is a good healing move and she is ready to move her career along and step up. She is wiser now and Delhi may leave a bad feeling but she needs to look long and hard at Jeff Huegill and know things will go right in the end. Poor Ash broke too and got disqualified. I feel for them when that happens. The next race they broke and they were allowed to rerace it. We are learning a lot about people.Our girl swimmers have been unstoppable, our men will hopefully get the idea now Jeff has shown them that a good disposition works wonders and that's Leisel Jones' secret too. She is unstoppable because she loves everything and takes it all in her stride. Those giant moths on the track were a worry! Inevitably there would be something in a hot climate but giant moths would be a bit offputting! We are doing well but I think our commentators are demonstrating that we can be a lot, know a lot and then laugh a lot and that is all good for us. It is very professional commentary, but every so often the jokes get going and they are not out of hand. It is just cheerful good humour. So we have seen people conquer adversity. We have seen our swimmers and cyclists just march on. The strength of our team will buffer the pain of those who are having to learn some big life lessons. The standard is superb and to see all the countries put up such great athletes is fantastic. To see everyone cheer for Jeff was great and to see the whole crowd yell louder for the Indian para athlete who came in last was moving. She seemed to have less mobility that the others. The South African who won gold is just a powerhouse in the water and she got a massive roar, but when the Indian girl came in the whole roof lifted off because everyone knew she had been brilliant. That was a great moment! So we are shaping up for the track  and field events and that should be full of fireworks.

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