Sunday, September 05, 2010

Wild Weather

When the Birdsville races are cancelled for the first time in 128 years, then we know we are in trouble. Or are we? Birdsville is in Central Australia and there are years and years between rains up that way sometimes. That the rain is getting to Central Australia will be a shock but appreciated I should think. The races are iconic though so hopefully they are postponed rather than cancelled. Adelaide has had storms and huge downpours but we are faring better than Victoria and New South Wales. The flooding interstate is a worry and people are managing as best they can. Our emergency services did swing into action pretty quickly to try and buffer some of it but the downpours and gales are a bit unpredictable. I was driving home form Adelaide yesterday and tree branches were blowing into my windscreen. Nothing too big but a worry all the same. Here and interstate there have been power outages and that is always a worry...especially when it is so cold. In these times you are grateful for what you have and who you are. Victoria has copped quite a hammering these last couple of years and so has Sydney. We somehow seem to manage even though we have had massive bush fires and drought as well. It is just a tough time at the moment but I guess it is all held in perspective by the fact our sister city in Christchurch has been trashed by an earthquake. I know Christchurch well.I know they will be methodical and I know they will rally as a community of South Islanders and New Zealanders. I hope they remember to call us if they need help. I just hope people remember to tell us what they need. I can't bear the thought that they are suffering and I could help in some way if they would let me know.

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