Thursday, September 09, 2010

Schoolboy in Coma

Police yesterday charged two male students, aged 12 and 17, with assault occasioning grievous bodily harm of a school student.

A 13 year old boy appears to have been attacked and the head injuries have put him into a coma. The school, parents and police will sort this all out but the point I wish to make is that boys seem to becoming too adept at causing real harm to each other. Which school and which boys is irrelevant. There seems to be a culture of fighting and bashing amongst boys but because they appear to know how to fight well , then the chances of them doing real harm has now increased. So how many boys are being involved in fights they don't really want to be a part of ? How many boys are keeping quiet? How many families are putting up with this sort of aggression either to their sons or by their sons but really don't know how to deal with it? Where has the notion of fighting being a good thing come from because you see them at bus stops, in town, at shopping centres sometimes. There are boys who just want to fight. It used to be to establish the leader of the pack. Why do we need that now? We can't keep driving our children to school and molly coddling them and we can't keep asking people to sort these fights out and we can't let 13 year olds be in hospital in a coma over a fight. It's a bit hard to know what this is about, so anything which will get us talking about it and then finding out how serious the problem is ought to help. The code of silence is a worry.

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