Monday, September 27, 2010

Poor die younger in Australia

"If school attainment, as an illustration of socio-economic status, is more important to the prospect of you dying prematurely, [then] health reform needs to focus on early childhood development, schooling welfare policy and income setting in order to improve the health of the lowest income earners in Australia."

This is an interesting report since they have actually found that socio economic status affects your life expectancy. That won't come as a surprise to most of us because we assume richer people can afford the medical care. This report points to education and underlines the fact again that early intervention works. The thing is, we seem to have a problem with school attendance.Teachers cannot make students go to school, parents do that and so there has to be this other factor of how you get children into school and require them to attend . This report highlights the fact that a cash strapped, dysfunctional family is not going to be stable in its behaviour and so education is likely to be a thing that suffers. We do live in Australia. We ought to be able to fix this pretty easily . Once children are in school our system seems to be able to manage quite a bit in terms of creating positives for children.

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