Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mine dumping waste into the ocean

The decision means the majority Chinese-owned mine can proceed with plans to dump 5 million tonnes of tailings a year into a deep-sea trench.

Okay, so Papua new Guinea has somehow lost the fight to stop the mine dumping waste into our ocean. OUR ocean. At some stage , industry has to show some corporate responsibility with regard to safe and green practices because this is 2010 and we know about these things. Everyone on this planet can do something to take care of it and it it is not some green, wet left stance. We have a lot of people on this planet who are all demanding resources so we all have to look at this in a sensible fashion and put into place the processes and protocols which will ensure a sustainable planet and a clean place for us to live. It is not as though we are ignorant and without some very real and effective ways of managing our waste. If this company doesn't know how to manage mining waste, perhaps we should offer to help so that OUR ocean is not constantly and indelibly polluted by nickel mining waste.

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