Saturday, September 11, 2010

Kevin Rudd for Foreign Minister

"The leader that was sacked by his own party because he led the Government off course and caused the Government to lose its way is now expected to navigate Australia through our foreign policies," she said. 

I don't think so. Ms. Bishop is obviously unaware of Kevin Rudd's credentials for the job. He is the most qualified politician in Australia for this job. It is his area of expertise and strength and he has an impressive list of achievements and posts in this area. Besides, he is fluent in another language. It is embarrassing when we see ministers from other countries who can use SEVERAL languages to communicate internationally. Kevin Rudd at least has one and we need linguistic expertise and credibility at that level in these days of global negotiations. We need someone who is comfortable and at ease internationally. Kevin Rudd is and already has the respect of other leaders. The financial figures and our world ranking as a medium populated country show that Kevin Rudd's government actually had us on track but some people had muddied the waters at that time. Correct information rather than opinion will stop people being confused and ill informed. Not everything you read and hear in the news is a correct replication of what is actually occurring.  Besides, Julia Gillard said she would offer him a front bench position if she won government. Julia Gillard has won government and she has honoured that commitment.

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