Thursday, September 02, 2010

Help for Gambling Addiction

"This is a fabulous commitment of the Prime Minister and will go a long way to reducing problem gambling in Australia," he said.

This is a bright spot in a tough situation which is gradually  being resolved. When you don't know Andrew Wilkie and you have no idea what he really stands for then no amount of telling you he is ethical and stands for that helps. Now we can see he has used his position as one of the independents in the hung parliament game play to try to secure a resolution to some ongoing problems which have concerned ALL Australians. He has put the politics aside and asked for things which will improve our health and well being as a nation. The pokies have been ignored because they raise so much income and revenue. The high personal cost to addicts and families has increasingly placed an awful burden of misery on these people. I don't know why people become addicted to pokies, but clearly they do and clearly the pokies have created intolerable lives for individuals and the families they belong to. Andrew Wilkie has shown himself to be a  genuine voice for the real faceless people of this country. He has then argued for hospital upgrades , especially to Hobart. Tasmania is not on the mainland. The people of Tasmania need good quality care in their state because transporting them to the mainland costs a lot and could cost their life. Our hospitals have been neglected which does not make sense in a country like ours. We have some excellent medical people and research programmes which can and do deliver good results when they are given the chance so we ought to have hospitals which are state of the art and we ought to be able to provide good quality care. Increasingly hospitals have been asked to cut corners and hospital cuts don't heal. Andrew Wilkie has asked for hospital funding to be put back where it the top of our agenda and coupled with the increasing demands for new broadband delivery across the country then it means we can all expect a good level of health care and our medical personnel can actually start to thrive instead of survive.

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