Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Consumer rights

"All too often consumers are disadvantaged in their dealings with big business by a lack of bargaining power and unfair contract terms."

New laws are being brought into SA to help consumers just get a fair go when it comes to products and services. Judging by what I heard on the radio yesterday where people rang in to ask advice and help about consumer issues...then we need to do something. At times I was as speechless and the expert who was being asked the questions. We were listening to the stories in total disbelief that people could be playing thousands of dollars for appliances and then waiting forever for delivery and recourse if something was wrong. There were all sorts of stories and the consumers were not angry, nor frustrated. That was the thing...they thought they just had to put up with it and there was no answer in 2010 and no right to getting proper goods and services. In a way it was sad because South Australia has always been pretty good at supply good quality services and goods and then rectifying any problem quickly. We used to take pride in it. These days you have to know whom to contact and how but when you hit brick walls it becomes intolerable and then very poor service. If the laws help fair dealing, then good.

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