Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Citizens' Assembly

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has denied her deal with the Greens means she is dumping the contentious citizens assembly on climate change.

I am not sure why the citizens' assembly for climate change has appeared to be unpopular.  The new committee arrangement appears to be:

"The agreement includes the formation of a new climate change committee made up of experts, politicians from major parties and independents."

That's all very well, but we , as citizens have been very vocal about climate change and the lack of action. We are the ones who have driven the changes which have occurred. We were the ones fighting for the plight of Goolwa and we have done it using our social media skills, our citizen's voice and anything else we could think of. We do care and so I should have thought a citizens' assembly would create an opportunity for us to firm up some of our ideas. Our magazines are full of articles on climate change. We want action. This citizens' assembly ought to be a good forum for raising issues and then channelling them out to the politicians and business world. I don't understand why it is considered to be a silly idea. 

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