Sunday, September 26, 2010

AFL Grand Final Drawn

Everyone is talking about it. It was such a dead cert during the week that Collingwood was going to win. The Saints didn't even get a look in except from their supporters. The atmosphere was there, the anticipation was palpable and everyone had organised their day yesterday so they could watch the grand final. It was going to be great. There is no sense of disappointment that it was a draw but everyone is talking and shaking their heads in disbelief. A draw? After our hung parliament? Is that what Australia is about? Can't decide anything in 2010? No one will complain really about having a match to watch again next weekend but the players must be exhausted. The football season is quite long and very demanding and they must have thought they'd be off the hook once the grand final was over. Not so..another week of putting themselves out there and training. They'll take it in their stride because these guys play football because they love it, but it will be hard on them. We are just laughing and talking. I guess you could look it from the point of view that Australia is so perfectly balanced right now we come up with even results. There is no winner, no loser, just a journey of life and learning and perfect equality! Everyone gets to be the winner! So now we are wondering if the country is going to go for the hat trick and maybe come up with a tie in the Melbourne Cup? What else can we get an even match in?  We are living in perfect harmony.

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