Saturday, August 14, 2010

Red Gate Art Studio

I went to the SALA exhibition at the RedGate Art Studio this afternoon. Just the perfect thing for this freezing, wet , horrible day. We are so over this cold weather. The studio was warm and welcoming and the pieces to be viewed were interesting an varied. I ended up buying one because I could just  see these beautiful china bowls in my dining room. It's a lovely piece butt here were other nice things and the thing is, this is the sort of thing which gets you into art. You can chat tot he artists and see they are normal, nice and very friendly people. It is great to get that connection. What was even better was to go into the other studio and see the work that the owner of the studio has been doing with children. There were some brilliant things by a 6 year old called Billie. Just so imaginative and technically strong. Then a 15 year old girl called Victoria was doing the finest pencil work and just beautiful images. There was such a lot of success and imagination in all that artwork and it is nice to know our Adelaide artists are taking hte time to nurture the next generation. The world is art. The virtual world is art. We need art and artists. What a beautiful afternoon!

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