Friday, August 27, 2010

Problem with Boothby Ballot papers

"Only a truly independent and public inquiry will serve to restore trust and the integrity of our electoral system. The most appropriate body to conduct such an inquiry is the Court of Disputed Returns."

Absolutely. We do not need to further undermine our political system which daily looks more and more like a shambles . There is an absolute protocol applied to our electoral system so if someone has not handled the papers properly we all need to know what happened and why and the matter needs to be redressed properly. There can't be any excuses. An election has to be rock solid and water tight. At the moment we are disillusioned and it may be we cannot see the wood for the trees and it may be that we have to go through all this pain to wake up to ourselves. At this stage it is painful. Finding out papers have been tampered with just adds cause for concern even though it may  just be poor attention to protocol. Then we need to ask why. In any case we might as well get it all out on the table and have a pretty long look at it. It has not been a pretty sight this week.

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