Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Plugging the oil well

The procedure involved pumping heavy drilling fluid, known in the trade as mud, into the busted well to push leaking crude oil back into its source rock.

Busted well?Odd use of language in a report, but still. There are signs that the well, which has been leaking since April and has created so much unforgivable damage and death may well be repaired. No one seemed to be in too much of a hurry to fix it and meanwhile that whole coastal area which had already been affected by Katrina and the broken levees has become one of the saddest situations we have witnessed. The damage to people, lifestyle, flora and fauna will not be able to be counted. What is clear, is there are thousands of fantastic people out there who are prepared to help , who are prepared to do something and who are prepared to haul together as a team to try and put some good into this situation. The environmental and cultural costs are too high. No more drilling under seabeds ought to be the lesson.

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