Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hung Parliament

"It could be a black page in the history of Australian politics if they don't do the right thing."

And the right thing being??? What you want , obviously. The independents are not being allowed to be independent for two reasons. They have far too much power and there are far too few of them. There has been a week of being told to support the coalition because that is who they really are and now these heavy handed tactics which actually got into the open and that surprises me. So now we are quite, quite clear that the independents are not independent at all. You know, had their electorates wanted to vote for Tony Abbott , they would have done so at the elections. Instead they voted for the Independents. People want an independent view . Then there is the small matter of one Green only getting in when infact the Greens had far more  actual support. Our weird voting system which has got us into a fine pickle. People need to be taught about the value of voting below the line. It would help clarify some of what can only be hypothesis. Yet all these hypotheses are thrown around as facts. The electorate is not that dumb. We have learnt a lot this week. We have learnt how the truth, the half truth and nothing like the truth is used to sway ideas. We have seen some nasty tactics and seen through them, we have learnt that our politicians are not at all concerned what we think . We keep being told what to people who are not thinking clearly. We have been held to ransom while the Independents try to be serious. I have a feeling that whichever way it goes it won't last long because we have beheaded our most credible and robust politicians.Some people want Julia Gillard to be given a go just so we can see what it is like to have a female Prime Minister and she is pretty good and there are no other women to be seen so our chances of getting a woman Prime Minister are so slim ...and this is 2010. Some just want to liberals to run it all because they think they are the party to run Australia. Some want the greens to be given more credit for what they actually achieved. Since we are at this stage a lot of people just want to go back to the polls. I should hate to see a whole heap of our money wasted on this claptrap again. We seriously need to manage ourselves better and STICK TO THE FACTS. Crap about Julia Gillard throwing around money like Paris Hilton is just silly and yet it has been said and then making us think of Tony Abbott and speedos in the same sentence is not really where it's at. Then the feral pigs , the what about climate change and what about our indigenous people? So we have had our conversations out here and we are ready for it. We have had enough of character assassination, party poop and stuff and nonsense. Threatening the independents now calls their stance into question and their safety so ...let's get on with it so we can change it all around but stop wasting our money because there are people out there with no homes and food and hospitals which need equipment....and a climate to change. All it is doing is making people want to go back to the polls.

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