Sunday, August 22, 2010

Federal Election

Well, the news is , there is no news. There was an UN election and for some very good reasons. We are not in chaos at all. There is no political turmoil. The high number of informal votes ought to be telling our politicians that they have isolated themselves from us. One vote on Facebook had the Douche Bag party that they had drawn on the ballot paper and ticked. So we don't feel as though our politicians are representing us. A hung parliament is probably what we need right now because we have a lot of things to sort out , particularly if we have aspirations of being a republic. We can't just go along the path of liking and disliking our politicians and then chucking the leader out when we feel like it. Our political parities are going to have to actually think things through properly because it is about our nation and playing musical leaders is not a responsible way of governing a nation. We then have to think about our mines, our mining magnates and the massive power the mines have in this country. John Howard just used to go along with them and keep them happy. That was what John Howard did. Kevin Rudd put a cat among the pigeons and all hell broke loose and we never got to see what would happen and how that would end.It was crucial for us to know how that would play out. The mining sector plays hardball and we saw that. We should have been talking hard and fast because it may or may not be what we want. Instead we held out the pacifiers. What a cop out in discussion about real issues. Then we have seen and heard how the media and politicians really talk to a woman at the top and how they treat a woman in power...and we now have 5 men poised to take the power of our country into their hands. Back to the old men are the only people who can get this right model. Well, in 20 10 that has given some food for thought and the women and girls in this country have had a wake up call. Somehow women are not quite right to be top politicians and Cheryl Kernot copped an unsolicited broadside of that nature last night and then it was declared Maxine McKew's career was ruined. What?? She is a totally competent woman. As a politician she has to manage what comes her way with the skills she has...and she has plenty. Someone was expecting a dummy spit from her. Their words, not this is how we think of women in politics and I thank Julia Gillard for allowing us to see that. Then there is the question of what Julia Gillard did. Kevin Rudd was the most popular prime minister in 30 years. We have looked at the mechanism of what occurred and it is legal but not what we want so maybe we need to look at how we govern and the protocols. Musical leaders is a facile approach and we are sick of it. We want a government which represents us...all of us and our interests. OUR interests. We vote for them so no, we were not really happy to be dragged out in the cold and wet to play their game and we have let them know that. Meantime, we'll get on with our lives knowing we have a lot of work ahead of us. The most worrying thing , though, is Reuters predicted a hung parliament for us back in July when Kevin Rudd was in office. Very concerning indeed.. truth is, he would have won or lost. There would have been no hung parliament with Kevin Rudd. We have a threat of one now because we are saying we need a chance to sort out all this rubbish and we are sick of politics being potshots and likes and dislikes.

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