Friday, August 20, 2010

Elections Posters

He said the man accused him of messing with some Labor posters already in place, something he denied.

Well, who knows what happened and I am sure the police will sort it out. The posters are the problem. We are past the age of posters. We don't need pollie faces beaming down on us as we go to and from work. They put hundreds of them up. In the day and age of social media ,video  and  Net enabled mobile phones they are rather anachronistic. They have been blown about or removed either deliberately or by the high winds we have had. We don't need them. They have been looking really odd and out of place. There are better ways of getting your face in public view and better ways of spending the money. In this weather, I'd rather see people have food and having heating rather than hearing about posters and then seeing them everywhere.

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