Monday, August 30, 2010

Desal Plant behind schedule

"While this date is four months later than our original target for first water, the construction program has been affected by the tragic fatality which occurred on site last month," he said.

We don't seem to be able to build a desal plant as fast as anyone else. At first we were annoyed. Now, we are so used to the slow downs, the construction works, the changes. It really isn't bothering us. We can see it is a far bigger undertaking than we thought or could have imagined. We are still concerned about those huge mounds and what they are and why they had to be , but we'll grow used to those too. Our worries about how the water would be stored have been alleviated and bit by bit we can see it falling into place. There has been a lot of really good landscaping which we can see has become a part of it. Safety of workers is essential and the weather would have made unpleasant conditions for them. We don't need any more accidents and we have all got into the rhythm of this now. Hopefully it is not going to look horribly industrial but the landscaping on other parts of the works is leaving us hopeful this is going to be a bonus to us.

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