Saturday, August 07, 2010

Cold Callers

Humphreys, Steve. phonebooth2968.jpg. June 1986. Pics4Learning. 6 Aug 2010

If you are not my friend, my family, my doctor, dentist, vet. If I have no business association with you and you are not my kind enough to stay off my phone!!! This week has been ridiculous with the amount of unsolicited cold calls. I am polite because I know what an awful job that is. No one ought to have to make sales that way because it is a job which is likely to elicit abuse. I do not want calls out of the blue from someone I do not know and cannot see trying to sell me something...especially when I have already had it done and yes, organised it myself. I am in charge of my life. I decide when I can afford to get things done. I get the information and organise the tradespeople. I don't want people ringing me up when I don't want to talk to them. It's a stupid way to conduct business and it is hugely invasive. This is my home. The boundaries need to be respected, but this week it has been mad with the calls. I am paying for a silent number...I wonder why!

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