Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ugly Sports' Parents

But South Australian sporting groups are taking action to keep "over-the-top" parents in line..

I am glad to see there will be some action taken over this because there have been similar articles about the way parents have been treating teachers and then Adelaide Metro had, I don't know if it still has, a comment on its phone line that they did not have to speak to abusive people. Adelaide has become very rude, bullying and abusive. We are all talking about aggressive clients and customers. Hospitals and doctors have had to make changes so that they can manage.It was such a joy to be in the eastern states and just be where people were positive, friendly, confident. They just included you and it was about growing as a community. Here we have become rude, disparaging and very critical and parents need to be reminded sport is about team work and fun . I don't understand where this is all coming from because we used to have such a co operative and great city. Now you wonder whether someone is having a go at you or you get ready for the critics and it is creating a lot of needless stress. I look at the people I deal with everyday and they are nice people but there is this criticism thing going on. We are not relaxed enough just to enjoy the company of others and be more respectful It's stress.It's that feeling of inadequacy which prevails and we need a state with a lot more confidence because we have lots of reasons to be happy. Comes down to leadership, I guess, they set the tone, but it also means we need to look at ourselves and how we deal with others.

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