Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Telstra Job Losses

Telstra last week announced it would slash 330 senior jobs in addition to 900 retrenchments announced in April.

What a depressing article. If Telstra is shedding 1230 jobs and only since April this year then it's not about customers or service. Streamlining is not what it is about. That is a lot of jobs and I don't suppose Telstra is the only company to be shedding jobs. This is not the sort of news we need because it will worry people and those people who have lost their jobs will be trying to find another one. Have they? This sort of news is unsettling. How can you suddenly manage with 1230 people fewer than you had before? It means those who are left will be working really hard and that is unhealthy. There needs to be a better explanation. How exactly does this work? Why do they need to lose that many jobs? Are the people losing their jobs getting new ones and when you read things like this in the paper, how do you feel if you work for Telstra? It is incredibly negative. Is it necessary?

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