Saturday, July 17, 2010

MasterChef Magic

We are still talking about it today. Like the Friday night episode where Gary and George showed us the chocolate fondant. We are talking about it because it was a very funny episode, which doesn't happen a lot in the oh so serious MasterChef and Gary and George are funny; they are very good at humour. We are talking about it because we all want to start smoking fish and prawns and goodness knows what else...but realised we have to do it outside or our smoke alarms will be driving the neighbours nuts. We all want a Yakatori grill for Christmas so we can slow cook. We all want to make proper Tsaziki and will be going onto the site to get it so we make it properly! We want to make a stunning dessert the chocolate brownie creation and then laughed about what a mess we'd be making if we all tried to do the coolest thing on earth with a cut down wire whisk. The whole show was an inspiration. We loved the spices lessons from Christine Manfield whom we all respect and look up to. She is a genius and so laid back about it. It hasn't made us forget the profound sadness of Thursday night, but we are excited and Adelaide will be laughing and cooking all week I should imagine.It is what the show should be - an enthusiastic talking point because of our love of food and our capacity to socialise amicably in the preparation and enjoyment of food.

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