Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Masterchef Finals

The more we have known Alvin, the more we have liked him and last night was hilarious even though Alvin was the one to go. It is a hard life and a tough show, but Alvin left with a lot of love from us all and the people he has worked with all this time. His face is so expressive, his cake couldn't help being a bit of a disaster and yet, for all that, he was grateful for his opportunities and he was just so funny. Alvin's humour is very spontaneous and he makes you feel well. He has a good media personality which I hope will find its place in our world. Adriano Zumbo's V8 cake looked unbelievable. It was brilliantly put together, it looked so perfect and beautiful and it was so unique. A very intimidating challenge and yet so inspiring because of the genius quality of it. Adriano Zumbo is now sealed as a legend in our country. His creations are just divine. It was not surprising that being given the recipe was not an advantage. The 3 who had the recipe would have realised just how complex and complicated it was and how hard it would be to achieve. The stress factor. Jimmy won ,though, and proved that thinking time can really help if you are not prone to be a worrier and he has a very c'est la vie attitude to life. I thought they were all incredible just to get that cake together and on the plate. Bit sad that Callum got his upside down but , you know, I would be pleased to have made any of those cakes because it was tough. That on top of Chef Hiroyuki Sakai on Sunday. What a pleasure to see him in person on our screens. The IronChef is well respected here but he is so helpful to people who are learning. He is very encouraging and wants them to learn. It was great Adam could talk Japanese with him so it would mean we had made contact in his own language. So this week had been brilliant. We all made chocolate brownie slice at the weekend and we have talked non stop about Chef Sakai and Adriano Zumbo. That's the stuff dreams are made of.

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