Monday, July 26, 2010

Masterchef Finale

Adam is our winner, and as I predicated in my last Masterchef post, it was a tightly fought contest because Adam and Callum were well matched. It was surprising to see what they didn't know in round one by way of ingredients. It was also good to see them there at the finale because you know you have taught some good lessons and you are a good teacher when your students can add to you and your students can teach you. The mutual sharing and it was clear from Friday night, and then again last night, Adam and Callum had learnt a lot but they were also able to teach and share . I wasn't going to mind who won, but on the night, Adam came into his own. All the things I have said about Adam being able to put cultural experiences on a plate and then invite you to share were evident. He can make things very appealing, but he was just so accurate with that impressive dessert. Callum nearly fell foul of his nerves but to his credit he rallied and fought hard. George and Gary managed both of them very well. For the whole evening they were encouraged and their nerves were managed in a careful, thoughtful way. I have watched Masterchef just deepen and broaden because it has been a show which has reminded itself it is dealing with human beings and it has put people and food right back in the centre of living. Adam and Callum are both humble but they are both very good. It has been a noticeable facet of accomplished chefs that they are remarkably friendly and extremely modest about their awesome talents. Last night the show was able to demonstrate that Adam and Callum had these same qualities but that Adam could hold it together for the finale. At the Governor General's home, Callum had been the one who managed all the intricacy of the dessert, the numbers and time pressure very competently. It was lovely to get to the end of the show an know Adam was the winner but Callum was going to be nurtured and encouraged by the stage he has already been offered and then a second one with George at his restaurant in Melbourne. George knows Callum. He will know how to get the best out of Callum and make him grow into the brilliant chef he is destined to become. Both Callum and Adam offered us some very wise and touching words. Callum spoke of his late father and how he had said we shouldn't spend our lives doing something we hate. Adam nearly moved me to tears when he spoke of how he had had a lot of seconds in his life. So , they have both got what they needed. Callum needs to be free to be the great chef he is and Adam needs to know he is very special and can offer us  and the food industry so much. Great series!

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