Friday, July 09, 2010

MasterChef Cookbooks

While the hoo-ha continues, anyone one of the contestants left could gift us with a great cookbook to give as a Christmas present:

1. Courtney   - Home is where the heart is/For the Love of Food
2. Jimmy       -  Mastering Curries/Australian favourites with an Indian Twist
3. Aaron        - Savour the Flavour/Laid Back Dining
4. Callum      - Stress Free Delights
5. Alvin         - Food Adventures/Secret Business for Chocophiles
6. Adam        - Asian Fusion/ Amuse-Gueules
7. Jonathon    - French Bistrot for Australians/Getting it Right
8. Claire       - Beautiful Food to Impress

I should like to further suggest that each book would support a charity organisation- OzHarvest, Salvation Army, World Vision, Childhood Cancer Institute just to name a few suitable recipients.

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