Monday, July 12, 2010

MasterChef Cartoon

I can so see Alvin and Adam, even Marion and the 3 judges being cartoon characters much along the lines of this French site 1minute de pause (one minute break). Adam and Alvin have the faces for it and the endearing natures. It would be great to get children into cooking. 1 minute de pause features Yannick Noah, the French tennis star turned successful singer, who now also promotes ecology and education. Good use of his stardom and influence. MasterChef could do a lot to promote good eating and good cooking but there could also be an online game like Café World on Facebook which would engage people, and children especially, in good food preparation. Could be fun, but I was looking at Alvin and Adam again last night and thought- yes, they could so make a good cartoon series! So that's my hair brained idea for the day and I'm off. Bon appétit!

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