Tuesday, July 06, 2010

iTunes Accounts hacked

An unknown number of Apple IDs have apparently been hacked this week, and are being used to buy hundreds of dollars worth of apps in the App Store. 

The article is there to remind and warn us to always check accounts and bills these days. Not just for iTunes. For everything. I have a friend whose electricity ready was so far out it is ridiculous but he is the one having to right this. My sister's phone bill was all wrong too and I was double charged for something. recently on a bill .It is just annoying that we cannot get transactions right and we have to keep checking, but hacking into big accounts like iTunes is serious. Serious because it could put people off. Serious because it really is bringing down something which is very popular and is a great income earner. Serious because Apple has been having trouble with the iPhone 4 implementation and to have iTunes hacking on top of that is putting them into the limelight in the wrong way. Obviously as we check out accounts Apple needs to double ,triple check its security, but , you know, there are some very sneaky , opportunistic people out  there and our bank balances keep paying for them.

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