Saturday, July 31, 2010

Facebook Demographics

These demographics may not necessarily be accurate but they are interesting. People do not always give their age or their correct age on Facebook and then they may have an account which they are not actually using. It would be interesting to see what is occurring in terms of active Facebook use because it has changed considerably in these last two years and is less social and more games oriented.It still remains a very good way to be in contact with others.Australia rates number 15 which is not bad given our small population and we are very Facebook dedicated.Recently there have been quite a lot of people going through their friends list to get rid of people they dont' really know and that, in itself, says Facebook is coming of age and that people what some real value out of it.The changes have brought out some real humour and that coupled with some daft Facebook changes has made it quite funny at times. We all seem to be playing our favourite games and are linking up with our friends there.Whether Facebook really is for younger people is something which will remain unknown if real ages are not on there. The cult of youth runs through our society and yet it seems to be older people who are working out some of the real power of social networking because they have more time to explore options and then more experience in social behaviour. We are getting a better representation of age groups and so more depth and diversity. While this is all happening people are weighing up the pros and cons of using Facebook for business and then what sort of business. There are companies and artists who have formed very successful groups but the jury is out as to whether this will translate into financial success. Money. There are other things. Having a lot of followers tends to suggest you have created something worthwhile but that is not enough these days.

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