Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Desert Veggies

A revolutionary seawater greenhouse project on the eastern shore of upper Spencer Gulf, 20km south of Port Augusta, is nearing completion in an ambitious approach to taming the harsh Australian outback.

They will be using desalinated water to grow vegetables in a very arid area of Australia. It's not really the outback, but Port Augusta is pretty hot and dry. It means locals will have better access to fresh ingredients for their meals and from what I understand the shops get pretty busy around there. Normally fresh produce would be shipped in. So that's a big plus in CO2 savings for the area.  Better produce, better nutrition. Another plus. Take the weight of our River Murray - another plus. It looks good and it is something which we have needed to have in Australia because so much of it is dry and dusty, especially South Australia! So this new venture will create jobs in the area and provide fresh food. The article says the sea water is free. We've been told  in Adelaide we are going to have to pay a lot more for desalinated water so there seems to be a bit of an anomaly here. Maybe freely available was what they meant. There is very little rain up that way but  hey do have easy access to sea water. I hope this goes really well because it would help solve some  of our fresh food problems here. What are they doing with the brine?

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