Sunday, July 11, 2010


A Department of Education and Children's Services spokeswoman said a bullying program was in place at the school to assist Chloe. "The school is aware of instances where Chloe was bullied and action was taken to discipline and counsel the students responsible for this behaviour," she said.

This article is about a young girl who has been bullied at school , who took brave , personal action with the school's  and parental support and still, the bullying continues. Chloe has a supportive school and family but nothing is working. Work or school, no one gets up in the morning to go out and be made a food of and have their lives turned to misery. Does the school have a peer support programme? This could help Chloe become better understood and appreciated. Since the bullies appear to have been spoken to and there had been an attempt to remedy this through the disciplinary and social justice actions the school can take, then perhaps external support needs come in by way of police and/or psychologists. The girl can't keep being expected to deal with this but her family and teachers appear to have reached a point where the bullies are still enrolled and are allowed to distress other students.They don't appear to be responding to exclusion from school. Either their behaviour needs to change immediately or they need to go elsewhere . Perhaps Dr, Rigby of Uni SA who has been studying bully might be able to come up with a better plan for dealing with this.

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