Saturday, July 03, 2010


Do I want an iPad? No. Do I need an iPad ? No. Do I want a Netbook? Yes. Do I need a Netbook? No. Technology has a wonderful way of making us want it and the current Applemania is a sign that people will buy an iPad just to have it.There has been no real discussion of its value or what we need it for. I have seen my daughter use her Netbook. It goes away with her and she pulled it out last week in the car so we could organise an event this weekend and we needed train times. Out came the Netbook and we had the answer in a couple of minutes. She has mobile wi-fi. I daresay an iPad could do that too, but you see, I'm not sure. All I have heard about are the apps and millions are being poured into the apps development. I have some idea how good apps might be for me because I love my Nintendo DS and use the software for Yoga and cooking and then eyetraining and I have a cool mystery game. My Nintendo is portable and it pops into my bag. My daughter also gave me her old iPod Touch because she wanted a 64GB one and she is sold on the iPod Touch. She uses it all the time and it is a firm and useful part of her life. She took a whole afternoon to get me going with the iPod Touch. She got me onto the iTunes store, she gave me credit, she had already sussed out what apps might appeal and then came and answered all my questions when I got stuck. I found iTunes U and was sold, so the iPod touch went to Sydney with me on my trip and it was good to have because I had my Yoga, my cooking apps, things to read and listen to and watch.It was brilliant. I went into the Sydney Apple store and the iPad had just been launched. People were doing things on the iPad and then photographing it on their mobile and emailing those photos to their contacts. That's how excited they were. The staff were fantastic and so helpful and friendly without being pushy. That's the key for me. I am sick of seeing all the iPad ads everywhere. They were all over Sydney, they are all over Adelaide and they are on the Net and on TV. If it is that good it doesn't need to swamp me with all that stuff because I still don't know exactly what I could use it for. I heard it doesn't have a word processor. Surely not. I heard you can't save files onto it. What? I have heard they are using them at the airport to book in and at restaurants.Oh. With a Netbook I am clear about what I am getting and I can check. I can't check with the iPad. I haven't found a site which can tell me. I have found sites which have told me about this app or that function and what a cool gadget it is. Maybe so. The best thing I have read is it is now inspiring developers to get onto the roll up gadgets. My Canadian friend had a roll up keyboard for when she was travelling. I thought that was cool. So maybe roll up will do it.

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