Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Adelaide Desalination Plant

Desalination is energy-intensive and the plant will use 500GW hours a year when running at full capacity to produce 100 gigalitres a year of water.

It is easy to see there is real progress being made with our desalination plant now. We can see the pipes are in and there has been some landscaping done. We were not expecting that huge mound near the desal plant which creates another hill on the horizon and stops  a clear view of the ocean form the Lonsdale freeway. Maybe it will become a nice mound, who knows? What I have noticed is there are a lot of interested workers around the desal site. it has created jobs which people like and which they seem to take very seriously. The diving one discussed in this article is another example and we shall have to be careful and we shall have to ensure these men are fit and well and properly cared for because we don't get a lot of jobs like that around here. We just don't and so people are being asked to break new ground in our area and that is good. People will work if their jobs aren't mind numbingly routine and predictable, you can see that. As for the cost of running the plant , I suppose solar and hydro electric  power have been considered and rejected for some reason? If it is energy intensive then we need to look at how we can manage that energy demand in a cost efficient way. Put our thinking caps on!

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