Sunday, June 20, 2010

The wonders of water

Having been to Melbourne and Sydney recently I can see how they have capitalised on natural or made made water. All along the Yarra is a well developed, happy , interesting place which is populated and therefore safe for those reasons. Darling Harbour in Sydney works well for the same reasons. Darling Harbour is interesting because they took a run down , difficult part of Sydney and have totally transofrmed it into a great open area with a very positive vibe and impact. Everyone is happy and there are lots of things to see and do..even if you just want to sit on the wharf and watch the boats, the old steam boats, the ferries, yachts, the whale watching yachts. Darling Harbour also has man made water installations which have attracted the birds who now live in the palm trees there. Sydney and Melbourne seem to be going all out to show us that you can have a city and wild life which can be in harmony and that it works well.It just needs thought.
Everyone was out walking, out strolling. Some were using the areas for tai chi or jogging. Bottom line, it looked good, it felt good and it was safe. So then I was wondering whether that would work in Adelaide and my first thought was that people would just fall in the water. They wouldn't look out. Then we'd have those who would push people in the water and then we'd have people jumping in the water because currently Adelaide doesn't have these things called common sense and consideration so we have had the full on Nanny approach to keep people safe.So our interstate counterparts can enjoy all these things and we are holding back incase there is litigation for having unsafe water in the way of stupidity. Most of us would really benefit from having harbour, lake, fountain and river areas which were just great places to be and where we could hold events and perform if we wanted to. Glenelg could have a face lift and could easily compete with Darling Harbour and we have a terrible need too for safe havens for boats along our coast so to develop areas like Southbank and Darling Harbour wouldn't just  be great, they'd provide a much need place for boats to dash into when the seas became threatening. People love water and it gets them out and about without any trouble whatsoever and people who have nice places to wander are happy people!

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