Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Water Woes

The stand-off increases the likelihood that spiralling household water bills - set to soar when the tap-water cost rises by 32 per cent from July 1 - will rise even further to cover the desal plant's increased construction costs.

Well, this article says it all. In SA we shall pay more for water even though we cannot seem to resolve the water problem. Yes, we assumed the desal plant would help add water to our system and found out it was not the case. Mind you, the pipes are going to the Happy Valley reservoir, so when that is filled , then what, let it overflow and run back to sea? Our Desal plant is taking forever to build, is creating disruption , dust and depression and now there may be more of a hold up? We do need to be harvesting water but we also need to look at how that water is harvested and deployed and whether it is suitable. Comments on the story lead me to understand that the Salisbury harvesting of water is not as good as it sounds. There seems to be a filtration step missing. I can't believe we have the desal mound on our horizon, which totally blots the coastal view. No one was expecting that. I can't believe we are constantly asked to pay more for water. I can't believe we have the Save the River Murray levy and no one knows where that money goes and the Murray has not been saved. Can't believe we grow cotton and rice in Australia either. South Australia cannot be held to ransom over water and it cannot continue to build all these new houses and have all these new inhabitants if we have water woes. It is very sad we cannot work out the water situation with any degree of common sense or expertise. Money is wasted and then we are charged. We do need to use less Murray water and we do need to use the desal plant and that needs to be finished. Somebody just needs to sit down and sort this out and then present the workable options in a dignified manner. This is just stupid.Hate to use the expression, but we need to be moving forward on this one...in a well thought out, logical, credible manner.

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