Wednesday, June 23, 2010


It is noticeable in Melbourne and Sydney how much more smoothly the traffic runs even on big highways, like the Western Highway here. Even in peak hour it is all running and nowhere near as many cars are on the roads as in Adelaide. I have been to Melbourne twice this year and the traffic just flows and the highways are well designed so there is no feeling of being blocked in traffic. Same in Sydney. One of the reasons is the people have far better and more frequent public transport.In Melbourne people use the trams and trains all the time. In Sydney it appeared that trains were used much more than buses but the buses were out and about and frequent. A bit different from the bus which gets to Marion at 6.30 am and the next bus from here gets you there at 9am. People here start work at 5, 6, 7 and 8am. They do interstate too, but they can catch a bus or train. I know they have far bigger populations but we'd be using public transport if it were there and mini buses, like in other countries would probably do the trick. There are a lot of people in the southern and northern suburbs. Down here they need to come in from McLaren Vale (where the traffic is currently in chaos because of the new traffic lights being put in), Seaford, Moana, Maslen's Beach. The train extension to Seaford is going to help, but it is not here yet. We have a problem with connecting buses at Noarlunga. The number of people who have to go and pick up family members from the train is incredible. The number of family members who have to deliver them to that 5.20am train is also incredible. In Adelaide you are discriminated against if you do not have or don't want to have a car.I won't mention the trains and buses which then run once an hour. Then there are all the traffic jams and slow downs past the desal plant, past South Road works, past anywhere they decide it's time to do anything. Everyone is becoming so frustrated. We used to be the 20 minute city. Not any more. We are all thanking our lucky stars we have CD stackers in the car or we'd be going mental.

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