Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Tiara Residence, Dubai

Would be so hard living here! The Tiara Residence looks pretty impressive and its website has a pretty cool functionality about it. At the moment it is 10.30 in the morning  there and a nice 38 degrees Celsius. Going to get hotter and Dubai can get very hot even by our standards, so it's good they have the pool .Oddly enough I have known a few people who have lived and worked in Dubai and they all speak well of it but the heat is what they invariably mention. It does not seem to bother them. I have a lovely purple mirrored box from Dubai which a friend's daughter gave me. I love it. So why am I blogging about Dubai? Well, Adelaide Blogs has brought me a visitor from Dubais and it reminded me of all the Dubai things I have had and have in my life. I then noticed they were at the Tiara Hotel. So I did what everyone does and I went onto Bellzar (save energy and donate rice as you search) and looked it up. Very impressive!

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