Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Pedestrians at risk

MP3 players, mobile phones and noiseless electric cars are a recipe for pedestrian disaster, according to new insurance company research. 

I dare say the police and ambulance officers world wide have a pretty good impression of just how vulnerable pedestrians are. The article says we  lost 200 pedestrians last year. We need to get a better look at the whole situation. As pedestrians we are more and more careful as we cross roads at corners. Cars often whizz round and pay no attention to whether there might be pedestrians or not. We have had a number of conversations about jaywalkers. In Melbourne it was hugely noticeable that lots of people crossed the street whether the sign said walk or not. This has become an increasing trend in Adelaide. In Melbourne it has always been like that apparently. Why don't people walk with the lights? What's the hurry and the walk signs are there to protect us. The article continues to discuss how overseas manufacturers are trying to find ways of modifying cars to ensure pedestrians are less injured. That is one way. We have technology, so let's use it to protect ourselves, but I think if we get better statistics and information about the impact of mobile phones and MP3 players on our safety then I think the facts will speak for themselves. You only have to hear the police talking about how mobile phone use has impacted on the road toll in recent years and you get a very graphic idea of how we make some very poor decisions. You cannot save people from themselves, but  you can inform them and some will respond to a clear picture. Information at least fuels some decent arguments to help people persuade their friends and to change their behaviour.

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