Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Miss Gladys Sym Choon

It was another freezing day today. Not as awful as the great downpours and hail yesterday. Adelaide was flat. It didn't mean to be flat but we are very subdued because we just have to manage this weather which we are not good at. Most people don't mind cool and wet but it's chilly. So we have to constantly divert ourselves. Well, my idea of diversion was going to Miss Gladys Sym Choon which is a great clothing and shoe shop in Adelaide and it not only has a very unique feel and look, it has a remarkable history because Miss Gladys Sym Choon was the first woman to incorporate a business in SA and her heritage has lived on . It's a great place to look and shop. The staff are incredibly firendly and helpful and then it's just a treasure trove. These days its a shop which supports a lot of emerging Australian designers. I came out really happy and with a bagful of purchases!

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