Thursday, June 24, 2010

Julia Gillard our new PM

The situation came to a head last night after senior factional powerbrokers from the right told Ms Gillard she had enough support to take the leadership.

Woke up this morning to find we now have a female Prime Minister, the first in Australian history and we did not vote for her. The Labour party has been power brokering and carrying on and now the leadership has changed. We weren't involved. I have a problem with that because we are a democratic country.  Supposedly. Julia Gillard may or may not be a good PM. She will get a lot of support simply because she is our first female PM. The top job in the country should not be decided by a party or any other group. We should decide. Kevin Rudd was elected as our Prime Minister and has had a run of difficulties ,the worst of which was the mining tax and the second worst was the lack of delivery on ETS. We care very much about carbon emissions and green issues. Our mines are sacrosanct. The ETS issue was a bit convoluted and it became difficult in the end to fathom why there was a hold up in this day and age. I don't think we examined that properly. This country was born on mines and it is clear they are very much a part of our psyche so anything to do with mines cannot be managed as such. It has to be very carefully negotiated. The mining taxes were dropped like a bombshell. Then the housing insulation ,which would have been a recommendation, and then the school funding which wasn't thought through and where opportunists appear to have had a wonderful time. So it has been a mixed bag this last six months but Kevin Rudd had the right to see it through. I do not like changes of PM which happen overnight and we are not consulted. Part of the problem is we had John Howard forever and when Kevin Rudd came in there was a noticeable lifting of spirits. We had been ground down and now we have had to learn to think again. A monarchical approach means you just accept and do. Took a lot for us to create change. Now we are showing we are not capable of managing change and just want to channel switch when it gets tough. We have to be able to manage the tough issues better than this because I don't want musical Prime Ministers to be our MO. As it stands we are learning to rely on each other and bypass state and federal governments because they are not reliable nor are they enthusiastic, so where they fail we just connect and get on with what we think is important. That has been very noticeable lately.

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