Friday, June 04, 2010

Ensemble, c'est tout (Hunting and Gathering)

Ensemble, c'est tout is the perfect film for a cold winter's day. It's warm, enchanting and very touching. The English title for the film, Hunting and Gathering, is totally inappropriate and bears no relationship whatsoever to the content. Ensemble, c'est tout - togetherness is everything, togetherness is all there is in life really. The film looks at the intimate relationships we develop, how hard they can be but it is precisely this lumpiness and difficulty in forming close relationships which gives us all a sense of belonging, of worth and , in the end, some of the most magical moments of our life. I haven't seen Laurent Stocker in a film before and I really liked his character and it was his character which set the tone of the film. He is the one who openly cares and has compassion. It is not a heavy film but , like any French film it teaches you a lot about just living and the intrinsic worth of the bonds and links you make with others. Perfect antidote to a cold day. If you appreciate sketching then one of the delights of the film is watching the sketches being developed and how they underline the value of each human being

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