Sunday, May 09, 2010

Yoo Hoo from Ubuntu- Me TV

Well, it's YooHoo from Ubuntu again and what a journey it has been to get here! I can now say all my computers dual boot and it's the way to go. Two dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu 9.04 and 10.04 and one dual boots Apple and Windows 2003. I get the best of all possible worlds. I like the challenge, I like to be cross platform and I like to be able to pick the OS for what I want to do or how I feel at the time. Basically we all have different learning needs and computers are about learning. I have learnt a lot these last few hours. On 3 other computers I have installed Ubuntu dual boot with no problems. On the Dell Hybrid it has been an adventure and a half. First it decided to have an error just as the installation was about complete so 9.04 took me to a live desk top with an install icon...and it all fell apart. So I tried to install it again. My fault this time. I didn't set the slider to give it enough space. There hasn't been a slider before so I just forgot and it is not that noticeable when you are absorbed! I had to go into disk management in Windows and remove the mess! I reinstalled and I was happily going with 9.04 and thought I'd try my USB  TV tuner . I actually installed MeTV through Terminal but it wouldn't work. I couldn't find the search channels file. By that time I was offered an upgrade to Karmic Koala and did that and still no TV. So then there was another upgrade to 10.04. In the meantime I was searching on the Net like mad. I tried MythTV and couldn't get the TV going because I couldn't really work out what to do. I couldn't get it to search. By that time MeTV , installed in the applications this time,was having trouble demuxing or not demuxing...I didn't even know what it meant. I had got it to find all the channels and I had got it going...but it kept hanging. true Windows fashion I shut Ubuntu down and booted it up again and bingo!! My TV is going!! I have found once you get digital TV going you have to run it for a while on one channel on a computer and then it settles in. That's just digital TV on a computer. Get a picture and run it. So, I am happy now!

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