Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wild Winds

STRONG winds have caused widespread damage across Adelaide, the Hills and Yorke Peninsula. 

Indeed, our beautiful autumn weather has gone and been replaced by wet, windy and cold conditions. The damage is not surprising because the winds whipped up and we have been dry and now wet. Makes the branches brittle. The  giant gum tree down the back of my place has made a total mess of my garden. I cleaned up once but then it became too wet so now I have bark , twigs, branches and leaves everywhere. Luckily not big branches. They just snap and the loose bark from summer just strips off the trees. Even though we have had rain it hasn't been enough to get the trees to get a real hold in the soil again so yes, they blow over. Our gardeners and building experts are usually pretty good at helping us to overcome these seasonal and climate problems. We need help! Even though we have been getting stuck into our gardens and tidying them up, the climate changes have created some problems we are not sure how to deal with. Some people have just got the chain saws out and removed trees. Sad. There has to be a better way because the trees afford us shade and protection in the heat.

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