Friday, May 21, 2010

Victoria Square Plans

Until Adelaide becomes a more complex city which no one in their right mind would attempt to drive through rather than around, Victoria Square is doomed to be a traffic island.

This article brings up some of the issues related to redeveloping Victoria Square  and in terms of air quality and ease of movement no cars should be in the city. It should be something we should avoid because of  congestion, the unpleasant air and noise. For this reason I am very much in favour of trams and the tram going to Victoria Square because the tram to Glenelg leaves from there and there are other destinations we could have for a tram. I shouldn't be talking about THE tram. We need to get a bit  bolder and more self assured in our thinking!Trams. We could have tram..S!! Bourke Street in Melbourne is the main shopping strip and the trams go along there but the pedestrians are able to negotiate it well. It creates a good atmosphere. A tram to the new square would be great. Like the Place des Cocotiers in Noumea it could have a water feature and the Glacier there is a great place to eat and have coffee. It really is relaxing. 
La Place des Cocotiers has market stalls when it wants to and features events and musicians. It is also a great place to eat your lunch whether you buy it or bring it along and just off it are great shops and a shopping mall. A big square is very useful and creates a hub and focal point. Since Victoria Square is so close to the Law Courts and the Markets then it is an area which would soon become a central spot in Adelaide and then Rundle Mall could develop its own atmosphere as has Hutt Street. Hutt Street works quite well with the traffic but we need to allow Victoria Square to develop primarily as a pedestrian zone. Some people are concerned about vandalism. Well, that is our joint responsibility and if Victoria Square is a magnet for a slice of the nice life then I think the weight of numbers and our attitude will determine whether it is run down or not. We get what we accept. I want a nice place at that end of the city where I can just swan around!!

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